Created to allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in a world of Positive Energy, the new Vimar showroom makes design one of its main strengths. Design that is also one of the keystones of Made in Vimar, the slogan that embodies all of the company’s hallmark values.

Visitors will be able to find out all about the history of Vimar — which began in 1945 and since then has never weakened its links with the local territory — and the company’s solid vocation to Made in Italy, which is an authentic business philosophy. But also the quality that has always underlined its products — from design to after-sales -, technology, the result of continual investments in Research and Development, and safety, not only benefiting the end consumer but also understood as respect for the environment, people and the work they do.

All this can be seen at first hand in the new exhibition space created at the Marostica headquarters on a path that, starting from the company’s values, winds through Vimar’s entire articulated range of products, systems and solutions.

Not a simple showroom, but an extremely flexible and dynamic space, at the same time both innovative and functional, engaging the visitor on a multimedia path that can comprehensively narrate the whole world of Vimar.

The technological component behind the showroom is very strong, in all the spaces: from the area dedicated to exhibiting over 12,000 items, responsive to the needs of the Italian and international markets, to the windows behind which monitors project interactive videos. From the boxes representing areas of the home dedicated to home automation, to specific areas for the building automation systems.

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